"Sleeping on New York-based producer Voia in 2016 could very well be one of your biggest mistakes this year." -NEST HQ

Beginning as an experimental musical project in early Spring of 2012, Voia has meticulously sculpted and explored the boundaries of his own tastes and abilities to bring forward a unique and immersive presence as a singer-songwriter.

Voia first saw the glimmers of success with his first EP, titled "Dragonfly", which premiered late 2013 with a hit music video directed by HB No.2 that recieved explosive praise and coverage by the BBC Music Video Festival that same year.

Immediately following Dragonfly, Voia began in 2014 to push his compositional and technical limits to deliver an eclectic electronic discography that would push the genre-bound limits of dance music and merit three charting uploads on before emerging from his stylistic chrysalis to find his own musical voice by year's end.

The last 14 months have seen Voia fully realized as an electronic singer, songwriter, and producer, teaming up with netlabels Attack the Music, Paper Crane and and Maltine Records, as well as music curator Smoothie Tunes to deliver a series of successful shows and experimental electronic pop releases.

Voia starts out 2016 on a strong note with Japanese-inspired electropop release "eeelixir!" with Tampa-based producer Madnap, which marks as the first single from Voia's soon-to-be-released 2016 concept album, "futuresong." Voia has accumulated over 300,000 track plays across all social platforms and shows no signs of stopping going forward.